bvksafe is a unique smart safe solution securing and automating retailers' cash operations

Designed By bvk Technology

bvk safe

About bvk safe

bvksafe, accepts all major currencies by counting and validating.
It is a connected device where all transactions are both stored locally and submitted each time to the host.

bvksafe, offers high security against counterfeit and theft. It provides convenience and efficiency for cash logistics.

bvksafe, either the cloud driven or the EFT-POS driven model, is one of the best performing smart safe solutions in terms of both initial investment and total cost of ownership (TCO).

bvksafe, is monitored and can be managed by all related parties : The Cash-In-Transit (CIT) companies, the Bank, the Retailer.

Driving with a EFT-POS

Users Authorized By Contactless Cards

Online/offline Use Options

Optional Barcode/QRcode Reader

SMS Receipts or Printed Receipts, End of Day Reports

Deployment of other banking or Loyalty applications

Driving from the Cloud

Lower Cost of Operations

User authorization on the web

Transaction receipts or end of day reports via SMS & e-mail

Use with PCs, Tablets and mobile phones

Integration with any 3rd party software with web services.









Free Fall to a Box or Bag

bvk safe web application

bvk safe web application has got custom dashboards and menus for CIT, Bank, Retailer HQ and salesclerks.

The Retail stores, terminal status and users can be monitored and managed. Terminal side application and firmware and parameter updates can be managed from the remote easily. User activitiy logs and transaction reports are available in detail.

bvk safe, with cloud driven model, can be easily used through a straightforward web user interface. Salesclerks can initiate a cash deposit transaction with any connected notebook, tablet or smart phones and get their soft receipt as SMS or e-mail.

bvk safe SECURITY

Cash money is immediately checked, counted and stored safely in the bvk safe.

The automatic counting and the automatically planned cash collections reduces the risk of internal fraud.

 No counting discrepancies at the retail store anymore.

Counterfeit detection completely eliminates the risk of counterfeit notes and revenue loss.


Employees who deposit money are automatically identified in the system through their smart or magstripe card or personal pin-based login.


Each deposit is recorded as a transaction and is submitted to the Retailer�??s and the Bank�??s, and/or CIT Company�??s Backoffice systems.

Real time insight into deposits of various employees, totals per safe, per store

Open, save and print various detailed reports.

Totals of Retailer�??s safes can be processed based on Region, City, District, Shops directly by Retailer�??s administration.

Reduced workload for shop managers or store owners because of the strong reduction of cash handling operations (deposits and counting).

bvk safe ECONOMY

Retailers can use their money (once stored in the safe) with same day credit by their bank


Bank credit facility may or may not be required to bridge the time between the receipt of cash payments and the crediting of retailers bank account.

Cash money can be almost immediately available on Retailers bank account.

Fewer & �??every time planned visits�?� (avoidance of unplanned visits) of CIT-companies (cost reduction). Furthermore the CIT-company takes care of just-in-time planning of cash transports.

Save valuable labor and therefore money. Retailers have more time and money for their customers and own business.

Can be integrated with the Retailer's Cash Register system to match the deposited amounts with the cash register totals.

How it Works?


  • The bvk safe checks, counts and stores the deposited money safely in a cassette in the burglary resistant safe.
  • Each deposited banknote processed as a separate transaction for auditing.
  • Real time information about the bvk safe status and amount of deposited money can be tracked via web dashboard and the display on the safe.
  • 2./

    Same Day Credit

  • The CIT (Cash in transit) Company collects all transactions at a predetermined time via the web application.
  • The CIT Company requests Retailer�??s bank to credit Retailer's bank account with the deposited amount.
  • The deposited funds are immediately available on Retailer's account even the banknotes are still physically in the bvk safe.
  • /3.

  • The CIT company plans the Money transport as soon as the bvk safe has reached the predetermined threshold value or insured level per safe, per location. No action is required on retailer�??s side.
  • Totals are automatically reset (put to zero) as soon as the CIT Company has placed a new cassette in the bvk safe.
  • /4.

    The CIT Company counts the collected Money and will (depending on the chosen services);

  • 1. Return the Money to the bank (provisional credit).

  • 2. Ask the bank to credit Retailer�??s account (no provisional credit).

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